Buy A Los Angeles Sukkah L.A. Sukkah for Sale Unlimited Breeze, Keep the heat out of your Los Angeles Sukkah!
Buy A Los Angeles Sukkah L.A. Sukkah for Sale Unlimited Breeze, Keep the heat out of your los Angeles Sukkah!
Buy A Los Angeles Sukkah L.A. Sukkah for Sale Unlimited Breeze, Keep the heat out of your Los Angeles Sukkah!

The Los Angeles Sukkah- Mesh Walls For Unlimited Breeze

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Mehadrin Schach Mat/ Bamboo Mat Sukkah Roof
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Height: 8 Feet

Presenting the all-new and enhanced "Los Angeles Sukkah" with innovative white mesh walls, specially designed to offer an unparalleled breeze and ensure a refreshing and comfortable experience for all occupants. Say goodbye to stuffiness and heat inside your Sukkah! With these remarkable mesh walls, you can enjoy a constant flow of air, bring an abundance of natural sunlight into the Sukkah, and bask in the beauty of your backyard while you celebrate. Our Sukkah's sturdy frame remains unchanged, allowing for easy setup and storage, while the addition of these airy walls elevates the overall Sukkah experience. Embrace the joy of celebrating under the open sky, surrounded by the gentle caress of a refreshing breeze inside your Sukkah, making cherished memories with loved ones more delightful than ever.

  • All White Mesh Walls to give you the best air flow and great sunlight without the heat.
  • Impressive 8-foot height for a magnificent appearance.
  • Simple and easy assembly in just 30 minutes, accompanied by clear instructions
  • No tools required for assembly.
  • All Sukkah parts conveniently fit in a 5 ft. box for easy storage.
  • Weather resistant and extremely long-lasting for durability in various conditions.
  • Expandable sukkah that can be effortlessly adjusted at any time to accommodate your growing family's needs.
  • Poles coated with rust-resistant paint for durability.
  • Please note that we cannot ship the support beams to hold up the Schach due to shipping regulations. These can be purchased at Home Depot or at the SukkahCo Store.
  • Please note, this Sukkah will not withstand stormy and very windy conditions.
  • All Custom Sizes available.
Section Connector Section
Pole Connector Pole
Corner Connector Corner
White Product
Majestic Height of 8ft
Breathable Walls
Whole Sukkah Fits in a 5ft Box
No Tools Required
Industrial Grade Steel
Fully Customizable

Quick-Screw Connector

Adjustable Sukkah Poles

Blue Product
Windows On All Sides
Beautiful Two Tone Fabric
Adjustable Poles to Expand Sukkah
7ft Tall
Sukkah Connector Sukkah Connector
Lavud Starps


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We live in Texas and send our children to public school. I felt that it would be a great idea to order a Sukkah for the entire school to experience what a Jewish Holiday is all about. So I called SukkahCo and spoke to one of their representatives. She was so kind and patient. She answered all my questions and gave me the best advice. The Sukkah was shipped out super fast and we were able to set it up so easily with all the kids and EVERYONE LOVED IT!!! The quality was superb and it withstood all the wind!! In addition, they gave us a very nice discount because it was such a kidush hashem!!! Thank you so so much, SukkahCo!!!!

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Shila Nazarian

My Premium Sukkah was extremely comfortable and beautiful. SukkahCo was extremely helpful in advising us what model Sukkah to purchase and which size would fit us best!! They even customized our Sukkah by providing us with Sukkah mesh walls besides for the regular walls. They give you’re their heart besides for the best Sukkah and service!!!

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Rabbi Shimon Ishal