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Full Sukkah Kit

We go the extra mile by sending you EVERYTHING needed to build your sukkah, EVEN the bamboo poles for schach support—all delivered to your doorstep with just one click.

Any Model, Any Size

Tailoring your sukkah experience, we offer the flexibility to create any custom size for all our main sukkah models, ensuring it perfectly suits your unique preferences and space requirements.

Quick-Screw Connection

The New Sukkah Frame

Our Sukkah frame actually requires no tools, not even a mallet! Our Sukkah frame is engineered for maximum durability and stability, featuring innovative quick screw connectors. Forget the sukkah frames that need drills and mallets, and become shaky and loose after a couple years. Say goodbye to wobbles and hello to SukkahCo.'s latest and greatest design—no tools, no shake.

How Many People Fit In The Sukkah

You know, lots of Sukkah companies put out these charts saying, "X number of people can fit in Y size Sukkah”, but really, it's more like how many people

can be crammed in there! That's not the way to figure out your perfect Sukkah size.

What you really need to decide is what size table you want in your Sukkah. Thinking of an 8ft or 10ft long table? Cool! But don't forget to figure out how much space you want on each side of the table. Some folks are fine with just two feet on each side, while others prefer a comfy 4ft. It's totally personal. For example, if you're dreaming of a 10ft table with 3ft on each side, you'll need a 16ft long Sukkah!

So, how do you know what size table is right? Easy. Figure out how many guests you're inviting and give each about 2ft of table space—that's comfy. Of course, you can squeeze chairs into less space or be generous and leave more room. It's all about what you want to do!

And hey, if you're getting a 10ft wide Sukkah, make sure your table isn't more than 3ft wide. That way, there's enough space for chairs and people to move behind. Happy Sukkah planning!

Selecting the Perfect Sukkah for You

Choosing the right Sukkah might seem a bit overwhelming, but let's break it down:

1. Consider Your Climate:

  • If you're in a hot spot like Florida, California, Texas or Arizona, the Mesh Sukkah is a clear winner, giving you a cool and breezy setup. For colder

climates, The Window Sukkah, with its fully enclosed design, keeps the chill out. The Premium Sukkah is ideal for all types of climates being that it has a solid 3 or 3.5 walls and one panel open for fresh air.

2. Pick Your Aesthetic:

  • Love the sleek and modern look? The Premium Sukkah with its open feel and white walls is fantastic. If you enjoy taking in the view, the Mesh Sukkah, almost like a full-window wall, might be your jam. And for those who appreciate detailed design, the Window Sukkah, with its large windows bordered with black lining, zipper up window covers, and a magnetic entrance screen, is a winner.

3. Budget-Friendly Choices:
  • If you're keeping an eye on your wallet, the Premium Sukkah is both high-quality and affordable. The King Solomon Sukkah is a bit more budget-friendly, but remember, that sukkah kits quality is not leveled with our other models.

Bonus Info:
  • Good news! All Sukkah models (excluding the King Solomon Sukkah) share the same frame. What does that mean for you? If you ever want to switch up your Sukkah walls, just give us a call and we can help you purchase just the new Sukkah wall. No need to buy a whole new Sukkah!

There you go, Sukkah shopping made easy and enjoyable!


We used a different company Sukkah for many years which was okay. Last year, we ate by our friend’s house and saw the most beautiful Sukkah we had ever seen. We asked them where they had purchased it from and they said that they had bought SukkahCo’s Premium Sukkah. The Sukkah has such a clean and modern look to it and at the same time such a Sukkot feel. The quality is also amazing especially for the price they sell it for. Once Yom Tov was over we ordered it right away for next year!

Eli Braun

We live in Texas and send our children to public school. I felt that it would be a great idea to order a Sukkah for the entire school to experience what a Jewish Holiday is all about. So I called SukkahCo and spoke to one of their representatives. She was so kind and patient. She answered all my questions and gave me the best advice. The Sukkah was shipped out super fast and we were able to set it up so easily with all the kids and EVERYONE LOVED IT!!! The quality was superb and it withstood all the wind!! In addition, they gave us a very nice discount because it was such a kidush hashem!!! Thank you so so much, SukkahCo!!!!

Becky Masar

Besides for SukkahCo having the most competitive prices, their quality matches or is even better than other brands. Their service is amazing and they really help you every step of the way. Our Sukkah came very fast and was so easy to set up!! It stood strong the whole Sukkot even in the cold windy New York weather!!!

Rivky Epstein

This company is great!! They are very organized and readily available, and any questions or concerns were handled directly and efficiently. The set-up was so simple and easy and the Sukkah really brought the spirit and energy to our Sukkot. The Sukkah was so ideal, comfortable, and easily maneuverable to fit whatever space I chose to experience. I can recommend SukkahCo to everyone with full confidence!!

Shila Nazarian

SukkahCo was the best Sukkah company when it came to my custom size Sukkah. They were able to provide us with a Sukkah that fit our backyard perfectly!! I could not recommend this company more as their service is phenomenal and the quality of the Sukkah is outstanding.

Rabbi Shimon Ishal